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Belle and Boo


Another British illustrator is Mandy (or Belle and Boo). Mandy has a passion for drawing, travel, coffee and Etsy…and there I found here beautiful ‘Little Madam’ dolls. They remind me of the little lavender sacs my mother used to put between our clothes, so they would smell fresh each time we wore them.


Mandy also sells postcards and buttons with her gorgeous illustrations on it…have a look here!

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Jenny Bowers


UK based illustrator Jenny Bowers sent over her new website, which I would like to share with you…so please have a look at it here

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Summer Weeds


Today, tomorrow and the coming weekend will be about decorating my new place…finally hang some gorgeous prints which I collected since I Bloesem started…Heather of Skinny Laminx was one of the first illustrators I wrote about and I’m glad to see she has added some great new teatowels to her Etsy shop…Summer Weeds in burnt butter…

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Noguchi floorlamp


It is good to back and this time from my own studio (!)… most boxes are unpacked, unfortunately two boxes are missing, not sure how that happened, but to be continued… here is a quick sneak preview in one part of our living room that is finished… I was so happy our Noguchi lamp survived the trip, it is made out of washi paper and bamboo ribbing… beautiful but very, very fragile… (my baby boy is not allowed to come even close as I am sure he will try and rip it apart…), the lamp is part of the Akari Light Sculptures series by Isama Noguchi. He did the original series in the 1950s and was handmade by a manufacturer in Gifu, Japan for more than 50 years. Ours is from a recent reproduction by vitra. Other Noguchi items that are high on my wish list are the rocking stools on the right manufactured by Knoll in the 1950s.



The picture in the picture above our Noguchi lamp of the Chinese albino women is also one of my favorite ‘personal museum’ pieces (most people either love it or find it “interesting”), it was made by a Dutch photographer Anna Tiedink. She was one of the very talented photographers at the agency which I worked for in Amsterdam a couple of years ago. (not sure whether she is still very active in photography, she might have moved on to something else, but check out her website…).

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New Weekend Read


Here is the new weekend read! I asked some of my favorite bloggers to tell us a bit more about themselves and in particular about the things in life they love and can identify with… so they will share with us their stories and images of their favorite house, design book, city, furniture piece and flower…click here for the read...

So today is moving d-day… the good thing is that I will stay at home with Lode first and my husband will go into the trenches with the movers and unpack boxes… we join him later in the afternoon when the smoke has cleared…. very much looking forward to settling down and see my favorite furniture pieces,  books and knitting gear again! Hope you have a great weekend and see you on Monday!

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For a while now I have been following Erika Harbert’s blog, called Mikodesign...Erika creates very beautiful children's clothes and accessories. Last weekend Erika sent me an email and told me her new website will be launched soon...already looks very promising! Her online shop at Etsy is already open! What attracts me to Mikodesign is the simplicity, color and fantasy and these are also the signature of the collection of Mikodesign. Erika herself prints most of the textiles. She uses vintage materials and works in small quantities so Mikodesign can offer you a unique product. Good luck Erika.

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