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Cyrille Gulassa

Monday, 2 July 2007 by Irene Hoofs



Cyrille Gulassa sent me an email last night to inform me about the recent launch of her new website, but she is by no means a new comer… reading her bio (‘a slice of me’) it is impressive to see what she has done professionally and how much she has seen of this world…growing up in California, working in Europe and Japan, traveling in Africa….and the settling down in Vienna with her family, where her studio is located… Cyrille’s brand is a lifestyle line of products to surround yourself with, to live in and look at… her philosophy is… ‘Exuberant Living’…


Cyrille Gulassa designs two collections of fabrics each year which are then used to create any imaginable product… you should contact Cyrille directly to find out more about availability of products.

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