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Five and a Half


Judy Lee of Five and a Half sent me an email to show her terrific limited editions handmade journals! These images on the journals are excellent…I love the funkiness…Five and a Half is a bookmaking and design studio in Brooklyn, New York.


Each journal is filled with pages of sugarcane fiber and recycled paper. There are useful details present in each journal, like an inner pocket for loose leaf notes. With summertime in full swing: lots of places to go, stuff to see, this might be the perfect journal for you…for more info click here…or here for the online shop.

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Looking for Lulu



When I received an email from Emily Corey this morning I was first touched by her beautiful work, but when I read the story behind “Looking for Lulu” I was even more touched….Emily will be the mother of a baby girl from Vietnam, called Lulu which she and her husband are adopting…but it has been a very long wait…and Emily is eagerly waiting for the referral to come trough…during the wait for their daughter Emily has created these paper pieces of art…every item is sort of an ode to her daughter, Lulu! You can buy them here and read more about “Looking for Lulu” over here! {ps. Emily keep the faith she will come very soon!!}

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Category: Art & Design | Papergoods

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Mixed Plate for Summer


Mixed Plate blog just launched a Summer Shopping Gift Guide with products from a lot of great independent artists and designers which is definitely worth a visit. Mixed Plate is written and run by Honolulu based Liana Miyamura. Some of the products include this pillow and wall art above by Nancy Veltri.

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Xenia Taler


And finally before the weekend starts I would like to show you the work by a woman from my former hometown Toronto, Xenia Taler. Xenia and her partner Steven Koblinsky make these gorgeous tiles. Xenia designs and Steven crafts the clay and glazes in their studio in Toronto.


My first introduction to the tiles by Xenia Taler was at a wonderful store called Token on Queen street (unfortunately no website there yet). Xenia wrote me an email last night telling me that their website is finally ready, so please have a look here to view their entire beautiful collection.


Don’t forget to have a look at the ceramic boxes as well! Have a great weekend and ps. I’m working on new weekend reads as we speak…so hopefully I can show them to you very soon.

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The second astonishing creative person is the Finnish interior architect Meri von Renteln. He is the founder of Nonjetable, a company based in France. The Nonjetable design philosophy is exactly what I can relate to… “consume less, by buying quality products that respect our environment”… Nonjetable designs basic useful products that are simple and functional, in which both, children and adults, can enjoy themselves. The elements can be combined in different ways to optimize the space. Thanks Favoritechoses for showing Nonjetable to me first. Click here for more information.

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Paula Sanz Caballero

{embroidery work by Paula Sanz Caballero }
I’m truly enjoying the fact that I can show you three wonderful artists/designers today. This is what makes Bloesem so exciting for me. I find it so inspiring to see these people come up with all their creative ideas and moreover to see how they actually can create these beautiful pieces of art.


First I would like to start with the work by Paula Sanz Caballero. She is an illustrator and most of all a fabric artist based in Spain. Since the late 90’s Paula is experimenting with textiles and embroidery and see here the amazing results.


Paula illustrates high-society figures in elegant sophisticated surroundings…by adding the embroidery work to it makes it really unique! Here you can view Paula Sanz Caballero’s website and over at Unit you can find more images, click on “other disciplines”.

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Category: Art & Design

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