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Daphne van der Meulen


Another Dutch designer today. Daphne van der Meulen designs beautiful jewelry from her studio in New York. Daphne is drawn to the minimalist things in this world, which clearly shows in her work. I am a minimalist myself when it concerns jewelry, only my wedding ring and an anniversary ring, both are very minimal…guess that’s the reason why I’m so attracted to Daphne’s jewelry. You can buy her pieces at her Etsy store…but…be aware the prices of her jewelry will rise after July 4…so this is your chance to buy her jewelry for very affordable prices.


I would also like to show some of Daphne’s gorgeous paintings. It’s interesting to read the philosophy behind her paintings... Daphne's inner feelings and surrounding noices... Here you can read more…

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These are not standard vases but Dustcollectors. The designer Sebastiaan Straatsma from the Netherlands was inspired by objects and shapes with multiple functions when he created these Dustcollectors. Not only  a decoration piece but also a collector of dust... so why not turn a vase into a Dustcollector? Hmm… any thoughts? I think they are fresh and fun looking and no more vacuum cleaning....


I have no idea what kind of material Sebastiaan used for the dustcollectors, but visit Sebastiaan’s website. and ask him a question, just  click here.

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Category: Art & Design | Ceramics

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I'm Perfect?


‘I’m perfect’ was Leonie Janssen’s graduation project at the Design Academy in Eindhoven last year. Leonie has a fascination with the human body, especially with all the small imperfections and differences between our bodies… so she mapped out the various body types and shapes using pictograms and compiled them in a book called I’m perfect… fat legs, thin waist, big breasts, broad hips, round bellies (anything sound vaguely familiar…) but that is not all she did… unlike many other designs that like us to believe there is something as a ‘perfect image’, Leonie wants us to see that there are many other possibilities than this  so-called perfect image… so she translated her pictograms into products… the beauty of different proportions! Check out her website to read more about the I’m perfect concept


Later today I'll be back with some more posts about Dutch designers...

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Category: Art & Design

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I guess this post speaks for itself… the work by Leif.designpark, a design team based in Japan, is simply gorgeous. The team consists of Takashi Ueno and Mamoru Naito and Keizaburo Honda. Their work ranges from interior design to art and industrial products. This Lin pod bench combines nature and design quite literally… the idea is to create an atmosphere comfortable for both human and plant… The Tubomi is also nature inspired and projects a flower about to blossom… I can certainly relate to that… a great lounge chair for dreaming up ideas…


The Tone series is the best modern interpretation of mid-century furniture  I have seen... click here to visit Leif.designpark's website!

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Category: Art & Design | Furniture

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House hunting



Just wanted to share some images of our house hunt here in KL… it is funny… in every new city you go through what I guess is a naïve phase… we had our mind set on a small bungalow surrounded by rain forest looking at the KL skyline… quite romantic, right? Only we forgot the many monkey families that love to share the view with you… hmmm, so you need at least a few dogs to keep the monkeys out, or at least that is what they tell us… true or not, I think I will settle for a nice condo with a view… otherwise it is great to see many houses and explore the city, what I love about KL is that it is so green (compared to any other city I lived in) and at the same time is a cosmopolitan city, with many retro-like buildings mixed with new developments…hope you enjoy this small KL collage!

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Category: Face to Face

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Katy West


A new wonderful ceramic artist…Katy West...Katy is a graduate from the Royal Collage of Art in London, where she still lives and works. It was almost impossible for me to choose images from her beautiful collection and projects…I wish I could show them all…please enjoy these images and here you can find Katy's website...I will be back posting again later today...now I have to run and do so more viewings for a possible new house...no luck so far...but we keep searching!


Ceramic art by Katy West...here you can visit her website.

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Category: Art & Design | Ceramics

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