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Trunkt is such a great source for wonderful designs! These ceramic bowls and vases are by dbOHome. Dana Brandwein Oates is the founder of dbOHome and she designs and creates all the pottery herself. Dana’s story of how she started her business is inspiring, she says: “After years of collecting, snipping swatches, pulling out clippings, painting and re-painting, touching and feeling everything in every home store in NYC, I decided it was time for me to start creating.” dbO Home was born from Dana’s desire to make things. Handmade things that add something special to your home to give it your own personal style. So dbOHome offers handmade, hand glazed one-of-a-kind ceramic home accessories all thrown, built or caste in Dana’s home studio in Litchfield County, Connecticut. And yes, these vases, bowls, plates will add something uniquely yours to your home.


I can so much relate to Dana’s story… when I lived in NYC, this city did the same thing for me… wandering the streets of tribeca and meat packers district in 2000, being overwhelmed by inspiration and trying to make sense of all crazy new ideas in my head… I decided it was finally time to go in the direction of my dreams and do my own thing…at that time it wasn’t exactly clear what that ‘thing’ would be, but it was clear that it would be something that had to do with crafts and design…so I guess Bloesem was also born in NYC…every day it gives me a special feeling to be linked to my favorite neighborhoods and stores in this beautiful city through Bloesem… and hopefully I will return one day with my family… most of all, I love what I do and hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I enjoyed creating it!

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Don't forget...


Tomorrow I will be visiting the Art&Design Sale in Eindhoven. For more info click here...


Jo Meesters will be there as well! I love his lamp called: Connect the dots.

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Lubna Chowdhary


Via Bientôt Demain I found these extremely beautiful ceramic tiles. Lubna Chowdhary creates these hand crafted pieces. I love her sense of colour, texture and composition. Lubna brings a fresh approach and a new aesthetic to ceramics.


Lubna Chowdhary's
strikingly beautiful glazes are blended and painted in multiple layers onto tiles of various dimensions and textures. Each tile is then taken through numerous firings, before it is ready to take its place in maybe your kitchen, bathroom or livingroom…Her studio in London is open for visitors or you can just send her an email for more information. Some of her tiles you can buy online. Just scroll through her very inspiring website!

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Category: Ceramics

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I would love to have one of these beautiful prints by AshleyG. I think I will buy one once we are settled in our new house in Kuala Lumpur. Ashley is only 25 years old, She loves arts, crafts, creatures, and nature. One of her convictions in life is that she strongly believes that what you're happiest doing at five is what you will be happiest doing your entire life….and I guess that is true, I started fumbling with paper and glue when I was about five and am still at it! Her collection is for sale in her Etsy store.

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Johanna Basford


I often visit Rockett St. George to see their latest items. This time the lamp and wallpaper by Johanna Basford caught my attention. Johanna is a very talented textile designer who designs by hand and then hand prints her wallpaper, cushions and lampshades in her studio in Scotland. Here you can find more information about Johanna and how to buy one of her pieces online.

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Peace industry


Jurianne told me about these wonderful felted wool rugs by San Fransico based company Peace Industry. Husband and wife team Dodd and Melina Raissnia are the founders of Peace Industry. Their patterns and colors are absolutely beautiful. The rugs are hand-made in small batches insuring that each piece is unique and exceptional in quality. They are earth-friendly, chemical-free, and fair trade!!


I was also impressed by Peace Industries art work! Which you can buy online...checkout their website to view the whole collection.

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