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Thank You


This morning I would like to start with thanking two blog friends who sent me beautiful handmade gifts. Leslie and Julie. Leslie from One Girl Design Works is the creator of this great print.  I just love these colors!


I wrote about Julie’s great wall jewelry before on Bloesem. Back then I only saw it on a picture, but I can tell you that in real it’s even better. Thank you both so much for the sweet words and taking the time to send it to me. I will definitely take your wonderful designs with me to our new home in Kuala Lumpur and I will make sure they will get an eye-catching place on the wall. Hopefully in my new studio!

{ps. Yesterday I had a very nice meeting with three wonderful Dutch blog friends; Sia, Marieke and Loraine...would you like to see a picture of us...click here...}

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No need to buy a Rembrandt to decorate your house. These lamps by Nicolette Brunklaus will bring you in the right ‘nostalgic’ mood. Her Shady tree Lights made Nicolette famous. She founded her company Brinklaus in 1998, which has grown into an international business.


Nicolette’s beautiful designs have a distinct personal signature.  She says that all of her designs reflect ‘freedom of choice’. Check out her website for her other designs.

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Ana Ventura


When I saw the beautiful artwork by Ana Ventura I immediately sent her an email asking if she was interested in being featured on Bloesem...so here it is! I think her work is absolutely fabulous. Ana graduated in Painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts – University of Lisbon – in 2000. She is a professional illustrator of various publications and books, especially children’s books.


Anna's beautiful art-like illustrations have been shown in many exhibitions. Ana also has a very inspiring blog (she writes in Portuguese which is impossible for me to decipher… but just looking at the pictures makes you happy!).


You can buy most of her work online at her website!

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I am very happy to introduce you to my newest sponsor twig! Elizabeth Burbage launched her on-line store shoptwig last week and I am very excited about the variety of products she offers. Elizabeth has a great collection of designers a number of which were also featured on Bloesem. Just to name a few…Orla Kiely and Esthex. But also beautiful clothing for women and children.


Elizabeth carefully selects all of the product she offers, maintaining a mix of modern and traditional styles. Some really special pieces include the paper mache designs by Julie Arkell’s work. Check out shoptwig for more information.

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In March I wrote a post about MusKunst, back then I didn't have any additional info about the designer Karin Kuiper. But yesterday Karin sent me an email telling me a bit about herself and I just wanted to share this with you.  Karin studied graphic design at the Art Academy in Arnhem. After graduating she had so many creative ideas floating around in her head that she decided that just doing graphic design wasn't enough. She started designing bags and making paintings.


Karin's designs are spontaneous creations. She gets an idea and then just starts making the design which then develops as she goes along. Don't you just love her work?

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Kelly Lynn Jones recently sent me an email about her online store Little Paper Planes. I am sure some of you already frequent visitors of Little Paper Planes, but for those of you who don’t, it is a really great on-line art store! Kelly started Little Paper Planes in 2004. She ships all orders from her Los Angeles home which also doubles as a storage room.


Little Paper Planes started as a small venture by Kelly and some of her closest friends, but has grown into a busy market place for many different artists and designers. Kelly has been able to attract a great group of talented artists. Click here for more info!

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