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Bethan Laura Wood



These teacups called Stain by Bethan Laura Wood are really extraordinary! The idea behind this design is that a product should improve through use. The interior surface of the cup is treated in a special way, so the more the cups are used, the more the pattern is revealed. Over time the cups will build up an individual pattern dependent on the users personal way of drinking tea.


Another original design by Bethan Laura Wood is “Time for tea”. A set of three cups and saucers made from mixed porcelain slip. The shadow of the teacups determines the shape of the saucers. You could use the saucers for your biscuits, cakes or chocolates while drinking your tea. For more information please contact  Bethan Laura.

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Sofia Barão


Sofia Barão from France just sent over her new prints and I am very happy to show them to you…these lovely prints are for sale at her online Etsy shop. Would you like to see all her work, visit her website. Have fun!

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Blogroll Page


{Wonderful new French blog: Chic City Rats by Samuel Dambert  and Anne-Sophie Guiguet}
For a long time I have been planning to create a new blogroll page.
There are so many great blogs on the web, but it’s impossible to add them all to my blogroll on this page. I tried to divide the blogs in various groups so it would be easier for you to find the right blog. I'm still working on the page, there will be some more categories, like fashion, food and personal.....would you like to be added to the page or exchange a link, just send me an email!


{Another great new French blog: Olivelse}

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Jen Garrido



After seeing the work from Jen Garrido at ShopDogandPonyShow I thought I show you some more gorgeous work by her. I truly love these oil on wood panel paintings! It was difficult for me to choose images from her portfolio, so please go and have a look yourself. If you are interested in buying a painting, you can contact Jen herself.
{ps. By doing a google search on Jen I found out that Grace from D*S bought one of Jen’s paintings…I’m so jealous!}

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Dear Melissa Altman from the ShopDogandPonyShow sent me some information about her great online store for greeting cards, notepads and certificates. Bright and colorful illustrations by artists like Jen Garrido and Alexis Hartman are the signature of ShopDogandPonyShow. By reading some information about Melissa I came to the conclusion that these characteristics must also apply to Mellisa herself. Starting in may, ShopDogandPonyShow will have three new cards by the artist and musician combo of Melkadel and Brian Canning. Go checkout ShopDogandPonyShow!

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New Dutch design talent, Jorine Oosterhoff has made a truly special porcelain fairytale. An extraordinary collection called "Tea Time". Jorine graduated in 2005 from the academy of Arts and Design Arnhem. She then started her own label Jorine. Her “Tea Time” set is based on different kinds of characters who live their own lives on your table. It is like being in a different world.


The “Three Mad Hatters” are three bowls designed for your precious chocolates, fruits or lemon parts which are indispensable for a real high tea party. For more information about this special teatime fairytale send Jorine an email.

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