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Purl Soho

{to see the full image click here}
I am sure you have heard of Purl Bee before, a great blog. I found Purl Bee via the beautiful crafts blog Kintsquirrel and fell in love with his gorgeous picture. Finding the image also introduced me to Purl's new online shop called Purl Soho. In 2002 Joelle and Jennifer opened their brick and mortar yarn shop Purl in New York. After successfully creating a place where people could share their love for knitting Joelle and Jennifer opened another shop, Purl Patchwork, just a few doors away from Purl. Here you can buy the most beautiful fabrics in the world and luckily for us you can buy them online at PurlSoho.


{examples of some beautiful fabrics Purl Soho sells}
The image at the top shows you the very original character of Joelle and Jennifer. Being short of space in their tiny shop they figured out a way to display some new Tana Lawn prints from Liberty of London. They filled a handful of simple wooden embroidery hoops with swatches of fabric and displayed them all on the wall like a family portrait gallery. Wonderful!

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{images from BlackPearlPress and OhJoy Studio}

{images from Papered Together and A day in May}
Finding nice letterpress stationery has become a lot easier these days. Grace from D*S created a very useful guide a while ago, showing a wide range of letterpress designers. Here are some of my favorites. I also would like to inform you about the new House and Garden website, which Grace helped to create. She will  be blogging there as well and running a new section on the website, called: trends + shopping. Looking forward to reading her posts, I will be a regular visitor for sure!

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Chip wood


Browsing through the March issue of one of my favorite magazine's, Wallpaper, I stumbled on a great article about the Spanish design couple Monica Garcia and Herme Ciscar from Valencia. What caught my eye was a piece they designed that is made almost entirely out of chip wood. It is a great material that is cheap and creates beautiful effects if you paint it (The center piece in my apartment is a huge chip wood “cubus” that serves as storage space and divides the living room and the bedroom, XandL made it, it’s just gorgeous).



I went to Monica & Herme’s website, but it is in Spanish…check it out, their designs are amazing! I also love the Zipcloset and these 'romantic' ceramic plates.

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Polaroid greeting cards



As you know I am a big fan of Maditi’s work. She recently sent me an email that her fabulous Polaroid photographs are now also available as postcards. Maditi chose six of her favorite Polaroids and made sets of twelve and twenty-four greeting cards, which you can buy online in her Etsy store. These cards are a great way to treat your friends and family to small works of art in the mail. I am sure they will love you for it!

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Studio Lyon


Via HappyCavalier I found the beautiful work of Studio Lyon. Christina Lyon lives in the Tampa Bay area. Her work is a mixe of media art and crafts. Original artwork and prints but also jewelry and other crafts.  Christina loves to work with ink and paper. Her work is inspired by flora and fauna, science, spirituality and vintage design. You can find more prints and other products on her Etsy store!

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Yesterday I came across this online shop selling only Dutch products. As you probably know, it is not easy to find attractive souvenirs in Amsterdam, but hiphollandhip has solved our problem. Their nice products combine great design with traditional Dutch fabrics, and without the typical souvenir tackiness. Their designs remind me of my grandmother’s place. Visit their online store to find out more!

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