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Front Design



Front design is a very appropriate name for this group of four Swedish designers. They are truly frontrunners with their innovative and advanced approach to design. Front turns design into a performance. They developed a unique method where pen strokes made in the air are recorded using a film technique ‘motion capture’ and which then become 3D digital files.


Motion capture is mostly used for animations in movies and computer games. Through a process called ‘rapid prototyping’ the initial rough sketches turn into real pieces of furniture. Sounds like magic? The results are amazing. Front has also collaborated with Droog Design. Their website is a great source for inspiration!

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Hester Worst and Jantien Baas started Tas-ka in 2004. Both women have a passion for textile design which clearly shows in their designs. Tas-ka’s collection consists of fashion, accessories for the home and fabrics. They only use natural materials, such as leather, felt, cotton and paper. Each of Tas-ka’s designs is unique and you won’t find two designs that look alike. Here is just a small sample of their beautiful work. They recently opened their on-line store.


I especially love these origami lamps in the shape of  dozens of flying birds.

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This morning I received an email from Flora Bowley. I wanted to show you her work right away, a great way to start the Monday and brighten your mood (especially when it is raining as hard as it is today in Toronto…) Flora makes the most amazing paintings.


Flora's work is influenced by urban and natural landscapes. You can see the seasons change just by looking at her work. Strong use of colors and organically inspired shapes. Check out her work on her website which has an on-line store or if you are in the neighborhood visit one of the galleries where Flora’s exhibits.

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New at Trunkt


This morning Ayesha of Trunkt Gallery informed me about some new great designers who joined the Trunkt collective, which I love to share with you.  Terese Bast is an mixed media artist from Finland who designs postcards and prints. I truly enjoy these prints,  which you can buy here! Terese also has a blog showing all her work.


Another designer is Ryan McAbery from Littleput Books. Little handbound books and pretty little things inspired by the intricate patterns in Japanese Washi paper. Many of these lovely little books are one of a kind.


And last but not least Circa Ceramics, who are Andy Witt & Nancy Pizarro. Which you probably already have seen in blogland, but I’m happy to report that they joined the Trunkt collective ! Thanks Ayesha.

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Last week I received an email from Lara de Greef. Lara is a graduate from the design academy in Eindhoven. Her collection exists of various wonderful pieces, which show her many talents. ‘Queen for a day’ is a laser cut steel necklace.


Another project of her is a series of ceramic vases called 1+1=3. Lara used second-hand products to create a new vase made out of 3 layers. By mixing the 3 layers, new forms of vases arise. Her website shows all her gorgeous designs and don’t forget to have a look at Little Red Riding Hood. A beautiful embroidered curtain. For more information about Lara’s designs you can send her an email.

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Yesterday I received a very friendly email from Cressida Luxton. In the beginning of this year Cressida opended her new online shop, Luxeville. Her email made me very curious and after visiting Luxeville I got a big smile on my face. Luxeville is a very nice place to be and it is full of wonderful products. There is one particular item that I really liked. This tray is a special design for Luxeville by Sandra from Isak.


Cressida's creative and stylish background clearly shows throughout the site. Her mission at Luxeville is to  make modern family life stylish, beautiful and accessible for as many people as possible via the internet. I think this is a fabulous idea and I wish Luxeville a wonderful future! Go check out Luxeville!

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