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New weekend read


Here is the new weekend read! It is about illustrators of children's books, a topic I feel very passionate about and brings back a lot of good memories. I hope you enjoy reading it. Some other news is that I will be moving back to Amsterdam to visit my family and friends (of course I will take Bloesem with me...)...before moving to Kuala Lumpur in June with my husband and son... so Bloesem goes far east... I am very excited about this new adventure and hope to show you some great Asian finds on Bloesem in the future! I will leave for Amsterdam today and will be traveling until Tuesday. I will be back on Wednesday, so I hope the weekend read will keep you busy until then! Have great weekend and see you soon.

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Nonchalant Mom



Yesterday Carina Schott sent me a very friendly email about NonchalantMom. Carina is the creative person behind NonchalantMom which is an on-line shop with cool stuff for kids, but it is also a great forum to learn more about parenting and read about Carina's experiences as a mom. Carina will soon start a NonchalantMom blog which will be all about raising your kids according to your own intuition and natural living. Check out Carina's website and I will let you know when her blog is live!

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Vintage on Etsy


Gosia from Blue Bell Bazaar informed me about some great new vintage items in her online shop over at Etsy!

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Crown jewels



Kroonjuweeltjes (= crown jewels) designs colorful lamps and chandeliers for children’s rooms. I just love the flower and lace designs. A bit traditional but still with a very modern feel. There is a standard and customized collection. Each lamp and chandelier is handmade. You can order on-line or send an email for you customized order. Kroonjuweeltjes also sells some other great labels like Rice, Mokka and Pakhuis Oost!

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Via Grijs I found Gesine Hackenberg’s designs. She refers to her designs as ‘all my treasures’. I think this is an excellent description of her beautiful creations. Gesine makes some incredible jewelry and special objects. I wanted to show you these ‘broken China’ spoons, which I think are fabulous. Precious and delicate.


For her designs Gesine uses metals, china, textiles and Japanese Ursuhi lacquer. You can send her an email for more information. Check out her website to see her complete collection.

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Category: Dutch design

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I found myself in Sweden this morning...via Hoping for Happy Accidents I found Lula. Lula is a multi-disciplinary art and design partnership based in Gothenburg, Sweden. You can find beautiful illustrations, photography, styling and graphic design on their website. I was especially attracted to the work of Elisabeth Dunker. Her textile patterns and wallpaper are simply amazing. But please check out the other great artists over at Lula.


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