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Fridge Magnets


Heart and star shaped fridge magnets from the finest porcelain. Jo Heckett makes these gorgeous accessories from her London studio. Fun, fresh and colourful. Jo uses vintage printing stamps as well as found objects. Everything is then finished with her signature soft and glossy or matt wash colours. If you don't find what you're after on the website, please contact Jo and she will do her best to supply what you need. You can buy them online at this great UK shop, Not on the High street!

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Spring is in the air



Lisa sent me over some beautiful new designs. With Spring almost in the air Lisa wants to introduce the squirrel and the bird on a fence. Both cards are printed on 100% recycled French paper using vegetable-based inks. My favorite are the sticky notes set with these great chair illustrations.
Please visit Lisa’s website, Good on Paper Design.

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gam plus fratesi


I am completely in love with these amazing chairs by GAMplusFRATESI. Inspired by illustrations made by children, GAMplusFRATESI designed these "Antropomorfo Chairs". They find illustrations by children “extremely free” and spontaneous expressions and which they translated into furniture. The typical Scandinavian materials, colors and details are combined with the “out of proportion” drawings by children.


Stine Gam from Denmark and Enrico Fratesi from Italy met during their architecture studies in Italy. Since 2005 they have been working together and their work has won various international design competitions. I can see why…



Another beautiful collection designed by GAMplusFRATESI is the "Bouquet collection".
Closets and coffee tables all with smooth and reflecting surfaces. On their website you will find many more products designed by Stine Gam and Enrico Fratesi.

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A fun design I think is this “tumbly”! Designer Annet Neugebauer created this eye-catching, egg-shaped seat object. The tumbler moves when you touch it, but it sits very comfortably. It would be ideal for a childsroom, because of its playfulness and moveable shape.


But as you can see on the picture it will definitely look good in your garden as well. The tumbly comes in al sorts of colors and you can order them online by sending Annet an email or in the online shop of Artolive. Much fun with this stool!

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wall jewellery

After a revisit at Handmaid I was happy to find these new creations made by Julie. Such a great idea: Wall jewellery! Here are some of Julie’s thoughts on wall jewellery:“…I love hanging pieces of art and crafts on the wall ... the idea of dressing-up ones home ... creating a unique space which represents ones personality ... small jewels of drama and decoration ... maybe theatre...”


Fortunately for us Julie has been able to translate this great idea into actual jewellery. You can by Julie’s Wall jewellery at her Etsy shop. For more information please visit her blog.

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{image from the beautiful collection by Én Gry & Sif}
A new blog in town! My dear friend Petra Graatsma started Optimist. Her blog is completely devoted to children. Petra will show you beautiful items and practical gadgets for babies and young kids. She couldn’t have picked a better name for her blog. What I like about Petra is her positive view on life and her amazing energy to get things done. But for Petra the name Optimist is more associated with her passion for sailing (for those of you – including me - who didn’t know, an optimist is a small boat for kids). Petra is a wonderful friend and I’m very happy that we have met each other in Toronto.  So Check out Optimist!

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